Hello there, friend! 



I am the photographer behind Lilac & Lemon Photography. 


I'm a Utah native, but currently reside in Grand Rapids, Michigan while my cute husband of six years does his residency at Metro Health Hospital.


I originally wanted to photograph families and squishy newborns. But, I couldn't deny that photographing weddings set my soul on fire. It was a combination of everything I loved: flowers, people dedicated to marriage, and building memory books for people.

When I started to push my wedding photography, I was advised by many to drop doing senior portraiture. However, I feel strongly about my work with senior girls. There are so many things out there that tell young girls they aren't enough, and I wanted to be someone who helped girls realize their beauty, strength, and potential--even if it was just for a few moments. 



I am dedicated to serving you so completely that you never worry about what you look like, you are just focused on how you feel during your special day.

cannot wait to meet you and make time stand still, creating a visual storybook for you and your loved ones. 

I'm Kylie Anne

xx, Kylie

Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer || Grand Rapids Senior Photographer || Lansing Michigan Wedding Photographer

More about me.

My husband, Chad, and I are very excited to be moving to Grand Rapids. We love doing anything outdoors, so Pure Michigan is going to be a dreamland for us.

I absolutely adore reading, but have a special affinity for Russian literature. This is partially because I have a minor in the Russian language. 

We have a 7 year old pup named Piper. She is a mutt that we rescued and absolutely love to take on our adventures with us!

Friends is my editing show of choice. Chances are it is on if I am editing your wedding. In fact, it is on right now... almost to the dreaded season 3 Ross--the worst of all Rosses. 

Grand Rapids Wedding Michigan Photographer || Grand Rapids Senior Photographer

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